About Us


Hi! My name is Kaitlynn and I am the owner of the Green Treefrog.
I developed a passion and desire for entrepreneurship and local small businesses at a very young age. I grew up spending A LOT of time in my grandma's flower shop, Dee Jay Flowers, located in Fenelon Falls, ON. She loved her small town, her business and all the people that walked in her front door. Her store was more than a business... it was always a welcoming place for those who came from near and far. I remember customers turning into friends in her shop. Folks would come by with coffees and sit and chat, ask for advice, and more! This was what sparked my passion to have my own store one day!
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." -William Shakespeare.
A lot of people wonder where the name "the Green Treefrog" came from. When I started thinking of my business and planning the journey ahead, I knew I wanted to honour my grandma in some way. It was after all her who planted the small business owner seed into my head. As a child, my brother, sister and I spent our summers at the cottage. During our time there I would spend countless hours catching frogs of all kinds and I would always run with the poor things in my hand to show my grandma what I had caught. This kind of became our thing. When selecting a name, this thought immediately popped into my head. "Green" was her family colour and my favourite colour, it also is often times used to reference eco-friendly or "clean" products. Then... the Green Treefrog was born. 
So, where did the idea of sustainable living and eco-friendly products come from? As a child I had eczema that was quite bad. I have heard stories of my mom having to put socks on my hands because of it. I grew out of that issue, phew! However, in grade 7, I began to get extremely dry skin on my hands, feet and face. This was followed by numerous visits to the doctor, countless creams and ointments and no results. Over the years these skin irritations have come and gone. A couple of years ago, I started really digging into products and more specifically the ingredients that are in them. A lot of ingredients are known to irritate the skin. This got me onto the journey of clean ingredients. As a paramedic, everything we use is single use (yes, this is understandable), and it got me thinking of how much waste I created at home. I decided to started making small changes in my home and realized how much waste all households create. I began to combine the two passions- zero waste and clean ingredients.
In April 2020, I began thinking... what if I made all of these passions align? What if I started a store to help others and offer products for individuals with like-minded goals? I started to work right away, researching products, costs, etc. In November 2020, the Green Treefrog launched.
I hope to create a very warm and welcoming atmosphere- both on my website and in my brick & mortar location! 
I can't wait to meet you all soon,