Laundry Detergent | PURE

Laundry Detergent | PURE

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*available in refill*

Made with a highly concentrated formula with ingredients that have a positive impact on health and the environment, this laundry detergent dissolves more than 95% in water. It greatly reduces deposits and residues on clothes. In addition to cleaning, it softens fabrics and reduces static electricity: it is the combination of ingredients that make it soften fabrics. This product is available in bulk and saves you money every time you reuse your container.


  • Perfect for sensitive skin and babies.
  • Great for cloth diapers.
  • Efficient in cold water
  • Can be used on clothes as a stain remover.
  • Ultra-concentrated formula

HOW TO USE:                                                                                                                  FOR FRONT-LOADING WASHERS (HE) : 25 ml / load                                                    FOR CONVENTIONAL WASHERS : 40 ml / load

Tangerine is scented using 100% essential oils

Almond Blossom is scented using 50% essential oils and 50% chemical free scented oils