"SQUEAK" Concentrated Dish Wash | Elva's All Naturals

"SQUEAK" Concentrated Dish Wash | Elva's All Naturals

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SQUEAK is a highly concentrated & 100% plant-based dish soap that effortlessly cuts through grease for a squeaky, sparkling clean! Very gentle on your hands. 

This is not a traditional dish soap, and that's a good thing! High amounts of bubbles do not equal "clean", they are actually cosmetic. The true test of cleaning abilities of a soap lie in its ability to lower the surface tension of the water molecules. And SQUEAK sure does that! You can perform "the SQUEAK test" by rubbing your finger or a cloth along a wet dish that was in the sink, to see if you can get it to make a squeaking sound! 

SQUEAK can safely be used in the sink, as a produce wash, camping soap and even in the dishwasher too! Please note when using in the dishwasher, proper rinsing of dishes and the use of a natural rinse aid may be required, as it does not contain any harsh chemicals.

Measure out this product in drops. Meaning, just a few drops in the sink and maximum 5 ml (1 small tsp.) in the dishwasher. It is an efficient, very economical and eco-friendly alternative to traditional dish soap and dishwasher tabs.

300 ml = up to 60 cycles in the dishwasher 

1.5 L = up to 300 cycles in the dishwasher  

300 ml = up to 1.5 L of traditional dish soap

1.5 L = up to 7 L of traditional dish soap

Because you'll use much less product + it has less packaging = less waste.

Made with organic Soapwort herb ("nature's very own soap"), natural Lemon and Lime essential oils

It's also perfect to bring along camping because it's 100% natural, biodegradable, made with natural ingredients and eco-friendly! And, it works as a terrific produce wash, car wash, boat wash and motor-oil hand degreaser.

SQUEAK is truly a very unique, concentrated and versatile product!

Warning: please don't use much more than a teaspoon in the dishwasher or it may produce foaming. 


Handmade in Milton, ON.